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ASABE Hosts Field Day for Policy Makers, Regulators Ahead of ISO Plenary Meeting
ASABE Hosts Field Day for Policy Makers, Regulators Ahead of ISO Plenary Meeting Monday, September 19, 2022 Regulators and manufacturers joined ASABE and international guests at the Michigan State University Extension Office in southwest Michigan ahead of a plenary meeting of the ISO subcommittee for crop-protection sprayers. View Full Article

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We're pleased to bring you ASABE Engage, our new platform for networking, collaborating, and growing. 

Launch of the platform is taking place in phases. Sign on now to build your profile, make professional connections, and begin sharing with others. ASABE communities, including sections and committees, will be transferred out of Forums and into Engage over coming weeks. The last to transition will be standards-developing committees.

Watch your inbox for announcements as each of ASABE's groups are transferred over to the new platform. And in the meantime, browse around and get acquainted with this powerful new tool for engagement.


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Alliance to Modernize African Agrifood Systems
We're taking a wholistic approach to the development and adoption of modern technologies to accelerate improvements in the food crop value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa


 Circular Bioeconomy Systems
With unique expertise that allows us to build across systems,  we're leading efforts to transform food and agriculture into circular systems


The Coolness Factor: Keynote Remarks at 2022 Annual International Meeting

Media personality John Phipps joined ASABE at the 2022 Annual international Meeting, where he provided keynote remarks at the opening session.

Phipps offered insights from his experiences as a trained engineer and a member of the agricultural community. His remarks are outlined in a slide presentation, which he generously shared with us for your enjoyment.

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Building a Better World

Agricultural and biological engineers are impacting our world in ways large and small, with unique expertise that improves lives, builds economies, and protects the natural environment.

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