ASABE welcomes participation in standards development. Non-members may join ASABE standards committees but will not enjoy the full range of member benefits, which include access to published standards, technical publications, and the ASABE membership and committee rosters. Learn more about ASABE member benefits here.

To join a standards development committee as a non-member of ASABE, please complete the attached form and return it to an ASABE Standards Department staff member with your request.

Requesting Membership

Committee enrollment typically occurs at the ASABE Annual International Meeting, where most committees meet and where they vote to accept new and renewing members. Contact the committee chair at or in advance of the meeting for consideration. Those wishing to join as an observing member may contact staff or the committee chair at any time.

Voting or Observing Member?

Individuals can elect to join ASABE standards committees as voting or observing members. 

Voting members are expected to actively contribute their expertise by:

  • Attending meetings and participating in discussions and document reviews
  • Voting and commenting on proposed standards

Observing membership is available for those who are unable to fulfill the obligations of a voting member or who simply wish to monitor progress of a draft standard. Observing members:

  • Have access to the information and discussion provided to voting members
  • May register a ballot, with comments, which will be documented in the ballot summary but excluded from the formal tall
  • May attend meetings

More Information

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