Standards Updates since March 26, 2020

Information Updates

Below is a current listing of the standards completed or withdrawn since the publication of the current ASABE Standards CD-Rom/Flash Drive 2020. The updated CD/Flash Drive publication is available in late spring of each year.

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Projects approved:

X658, Test methods of Metered Seed Systems for Precision Single Seed Drill Performance  (Press Release PDF)
X377WD, Withdrawal of ANSI/ASAE S377, Application of Remote Linear Control Devices to Lawn and Garden Ride-On Tractor Attachments and Implements
X657, Measurement and Rating of Hermetic Storage Bags - Specifications of Gas Barrier Liners (Press Release PDF)
X270.6, Design of Ventilation Systems for Poultry and Livestock Shelters
X604.3, Implement Power Take-Off Drive Shaft Specifications
X207.14, Operating Requirements for Tractors and Power Take-Off Driven Implements
X331.7, Implement Power Take-Off Drive Shaft Specifications
X410.3, Moisture Measurement - Peanuts
X585.1, Animal Mortality Composting (Press Release PDF)


New standards approved since the last publication

ANSI/ASABE D606 OCT2020 Properties and Relationships for Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS), (Press Release PDF)
Testing Protocol for Landscape Irrigation Soil Moisture-Based Control Technologies (Press Release PDF)


Revisions since the last publication:

ANSI/ASAE S436.2 JUN2020 Field Test Procedure for Determining Irrigation Water Distribution Uniformity of Center Pivot and Lateral Move Systems (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASAE S583.2 MAY2020 Safety for Agricultural Front-End Loaders (Press Release PDF)
ASAE S575.3 MAY2020 Farm and Agricultural Injury Classification (FAIC) Code (Press Release PDF)
ASAE S412.2 APR2020 Ladders, Cages, Walkways and Stairs (Press Release PDF)


Withdrawals since the last publication: