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ASABE on the National Mall
2025 Leadership Candidates Sought

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Community News In Memoriam – Eugene Beckman

From the Executive Director

Darrin Drollinger Headshot
Earlier this month, the ASABE Board of Trustees (commonly called the BoT) came to Headquarters for its spring meeting. This is always a special time and it provides an opportunity for the BoT to engage with staff over homecooked meals and get to know one another better. During a break, we enjoyed some team building with our ASABE version of “Hammerschlagen,” then took the group picture (below) under the Magnolia tree.
The BoT reviewed action-filled reports over its two-day meeting on topics such as the Circular Bioeconomy Systems Institute (CBSI) and the Alliance for Modernizing African Agrifood Systems (AMAA) strategic initiatives. The BoT approved the request to establish a new membership category for CBSI Affiliate Membership; watch for more information soon. AMAA crafted a concept application to USAID, which, if successful, could ultimately be transformational. Extremely supportive of the vibrant student rallies, the BoT acted to approve the student rally leadership networking request to provide complimentary AIM registration to those up-and-coming students leading the rallies.
And speaking of AIM, the program and opportunities are really starting to heat up for Anaheim! Be sure to register by May 3 to get the early bird pricing and select the continuing professional development courses and technical tours you are interested in. Don’t wait, or you risk them selling out, or worse being cancelled because of low advance interest. Once you register, check back for new offerings. Soon to be added is the Tuesday evening dinner and trivia event hosted by the ASABE Foundation and the Young Professionals Community. Proceeds from this fun fundraiser will support youth initiatives.  

Darrin J. Drollinger
Executive Director
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ASABE on the National Mall

The Washington Monument on a spring day

If you’re in the Washington, DC, area, stop by and visit us at the Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall held May 6 through May 8. This event, open to the public, showcases America’s agricultural equipment technology and the accomplishments of producers, agri business, food processors, and retailers, working together to drive the tradition of producing more with less environmental impact.

"Our participation will provide a national stage to share about the exciting work we have going on in areas like standards, AMAA, and CBSI," says ASABE Executive Director Darrin Drollinger.

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2025 Leadership Candidates Sought

With the close of the 2024 elections and new officers prepared to take their positions in July at the end of the annual meeting, it's time to anticipate the 2025 leadership ballot.
Nominees are being sought for president-elect and three trustee positions. Nominating committee positions to be filled include ASE, ES, ITSC, MS, NRES, PRS, District 2, and District 4. Those on the Nominating committee will be thoughtfully securing candidates for the slate presented in January 2025 for ballot by general membership. The committee comprises representatives for each of the Society's technical and geographic units, as well as the International membership. The staggered terms are for two years.

Those wishing to suggest nominations are encouraged to submit names and supporting material to a member of the Nominating committee by July 1.

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Current committee members are as follows:

Paul Heinemann (chair)
Stephanie Lansing (District 1)
Mikela Pryor (District 2)
Amy Schmidt (District 3)
Kelly Thorp (District 4)
David Lanning (District 5)
Ajay Kumar (E-2050)
Santosh Pitla (ASE)
Janie Moore (EOPD)
Joe Sagues (ES)
Gretchen Mosher (ESH)
Kristen Perano (ITSC)
Joe Luck (MS)
Anita Thompson (NRES)
Nadia Sabeh (PAFS)
Terry Howell, Jr (PRS)



AIM 2024


2024 Annual International Meeting

Marriott Anaheim
Anaheim, California


Early bird registration ends May 3.

Check out the #ASABE24 schedule. The technical session schedule is up and authors who submitted abstracts have been notified of acceptance. Be sure to check your email if you are expecting your notice! May 3 is the last day presenters can register for AIM to remain in the technical schedule-don't miss out!

Here are some other ways to be involved during AIM:

Registration is open. As the schedule builds, feel free to modify your registration anytime to include added events such as social, tours, and CPDs. Keep in mind that these options will have minimum attendance requirements—if you don't register in advance, they may be canceled due to expected low participation.

As the schedule builds, feel free to modify your registration anytime to include added events such as socials, tours, and CPDs. Keep in mind that these options will have minimum attendance requirements—if you don't register in advance, they may be canceled due to expected low participation.

Contact Jessica Bell with questions.

Tours and CPDs

Find all details on ASABEmeetings.org!

T#1 Angels Stadium Back of House Irrigation System Tour
T#2 Spouse/Guest Lunch to Downtown Orange for lunch and some unique shopping
T#3 Queen Mary Tour in Long Beach
T#4 Orange County Water District Facility Tour
T#5 Hunter Industries Manufacturing Facility Tour

All tours include transportation and admission when required. Add them to your registration before July 7, some do have limited space-they may sell out before then!

Continuing Professional Development
All sessions on Sunday, July 28
CPD1 Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 8am - 12pm
CPD2 Data Analytics using Python in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 9am - 12pm
CPD3 Using Artificial Intelligence for Machinery Design, 12pm - 4pm
CPD4 Large Language Models and Foundation Models in Agriculture: Bridging Theory and Practice, 12pm - 4pm
CPD5 Reviewer Certification Training, 2pm - 4pm All

Are you an AIM first-timer? Or perhaps it's been a while and you need a refresher?


Check out our video tour! 


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Upcoming Series Focuses on CBSI

Register now for the upcoming series of ASABE Member Hours that take a deep dive into ASABE's Circular Bioeconomy Systems Institute. Events take place April 30, May 9, and May 23.

CBSI Member Hour Series

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Publications News




Mani Named Editor in Chief

Photo of Sudhagar Mani

We are very pleased to announce that ASABE Fellow Sudhagar Mani, professor, University of Georgia College of Engineering and an SEC University Faculty Scholar, has been appointed as the new editor in chief of ASABE journals.

Mani's extensive expertise lies in biological and chemical process modeling, simulation, optimization, sustainable biomass feedstock supply logistics, and innovative biomass conversion technologies. He will transition into this role once his current position as community editor for Processing Systems is filled.

Elected a Fellow in 2023, Mani is a 23-year member of ASABE.

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Presenting at AIM? Submit Your Paper by May 3


Are you presenting a paper at the ASABE 2024 Annual International Meeting?

To be added to our Online Technical Library before the meeting, papers must be submitted by midnight (eastern) May 3. Be sure to use the 2024 paper template and read the FAQ for instructions.

Email AIMpapers@asabe.org with questions.

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Publish with ASABE

ASABE Publications Logo
Rising impact factors and license agreements with universities, government agencies, and companies worldwide, ASABE Publications offer the best outlet for your research.

Journal of the ASABE (JASABE)
JASABE publishes research that advances the engineering of agricultural, food, and biological systems. Submissions must include original data, analysis or design, or synthesis of existing information; research information for the improvement of education, design, construction, or manufacturing practice; or significant and convincing evidence that confirms and strengthens the findings of others or that revises ideas or challenges accepted theory. Contains approximately 200 articles in six bimonthly issuers per year.
Publish in JASABE

Applied Engineering in Agriculture
Applied Engineering in Agriculture publishes applications of engineering and technology research that address agricultural, food, and biological systems problems. Submissions must include results of practical experiences, tests, or trials presented in a manner and style that will allow easy adaptation by others; results of reviews or studies of installations or applications with substantially new or significant information not readily available in other refereed publications; or a description of successful methods of techniques of education, outreach, or technology transfer. Contains approximately 100 articles in six bimonthly issues per year.
Publish in Applied Engineering
Read Applied Engineering

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health (JASH)
JASH emphasizes areas such as engineering, occupational safety, public policy, education, and public health. Includes articles on engineering design and application; safety and health intervention; and the identification, reporting, treatment, and prevention of trauma and illness. Contains approximately 250 pages in four quarterly issues per year.
Publish in JASH

Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems (JNRAE)
JNRAE is an online-only, open-access journal that includes a variety of article types (i.e., research articles, research briefs, review articles, frontier articles, and perspective articles) on a broad range of topics related to the circularity and sustainability of agricultural and natural resource systems. The journal encourages articles that consider systems thinking using a variety of multidisciplinary approaches including field and laboratory experimentation, measurement techniques, modeling, data analysis, decision support, and case studies. The journal invites articles from an international audience. Articles are published online as they are available and collected in four issues annually.
Publish in JNRAE

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Secure Your Spot in the Careers Issue of Resource

Are you in the business of talent development or acquisition? Gain visibility for your academic program or workplace in this year's special careers-related issue of Resource magazine.

The 2024 “Discover” special issue of Resource magazine is in development. It will be published in September and is dedicated to careers in agricultural and biological engineering. Gain additional publicity for your program in this focused special issue of Resource! We are offering packages that include copies of the issue for recruitment purposes. "Discover" is only published every three years. See the previous issue as an example. In addition to magazine subscribers, this issue is distributed via the Engineers Week activities, the FFA national convention, requests for career materials, and other outreach and used for student recruitment purposes.

If you would like to advertise, please return this form to Jill Straub by May 3. Ad copy is due by June 7.

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New From ASABE Publications

Open Access Articles, Special Collection Articles, New Journal Issues


Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 30(1)
Journal of the ASABE 67(2)
Table of Contents or visit the Journal homepage
Open-Format Prescription Maps for Variable Rate Spraying in Orchard Farming
Multi-Species Weed and Crop Classification Comparison Using Five Different Deep Learning Network Architectures
Survey of Liner Characteristics Used in Japan
AFC-ResNet18: A Novel Real-Time Image Semantic Segmentation Network for Orchard Scene Understanding
Extreme Learning Machine Predicts High-Frequency Streamflow and Nitrate-N Concentrations in a Karst Agricultural Watershed
Impacts of Aquatic Vegetation Dynamics on Nitrate Removal in Karst Agricultural Streams: Insights from Unmanned Aircraft Systems and In Situ Sensing
Development of Drainage Tools for Facilitating the Creation of topologically-Sound, Unidirectional Flow Tile Networks
Effects of Shallow Surface Drainage Ditches With Controlled Subsurface Drainage Management on Crop Yields in North Carolina
Irrigation Response, Water Use, and Lint Yield of Upland Cotton Cultivars
Effects of Cover Crop and Filter Strips on Sediment and Nutrient Loads Measured at the Edge of a Commercial Cotton Field
Reducing Water, Nutrient, Pesticide, and Carbon Footprints and Costs for Drip-Irrigated Vine Crops with Compact Bed Plasticulture

Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems 2(1)
Table of Contents or visit the JNRAE homepage
Transpiration Dynamics in Co-Located Maize, Sorghum, and Soybean Closed Canopies and Their Environmental Controls

Standards Activities

Approved Projects
  • X245.7 WD, Moisture Relationship of Plant-Based Agricultural Products
  • X664, Direct to Consumption Specialty Crop Equipment Sanitary Design Requirements
  • ASAE S341.6 MAR2024, Procedure for Measuring Distribution Uniformity and Calibrating Small Granular Broadcast Applicators
  • ASABE S573.1 MAR2024, Procedures for Evaluating Variable-Rate Granular Material Application Accuracy of Broadcast Applicators
  • ASABE/ISO 27850:2013 MAR2024, Tractors for agriculture and forestry — Falling object protective structures — Test procedures and performance requirements
Press Releases
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Calendar of Deadlines for Student Recognitions

May 15

AGCO National Student Design
This competition is designed to provide an opportunity for undergraduate student teams to submit a professional-quality engineering design project. Top teams will be invited to participate in an oral competition at the Annual International Meeting. Prizes for top 3 teams, up to $1,250. Details

G.B. Gunlogson Student Environmental Design Open Competition
Undergraduate students are invited to submit environmentally or biologically related design projects to this competition. Prizes for top 3 teams, up to $1,250. Details

KK Barnes Paper Competition
Undergraduate students are invited to submit technical papers to this paper competition. Top finishers will be invited to participate in an oral competition at the Annual International Meeting. Prizes for top 3 finishers, up to $500. Details

June 1
Agricultural Robotics Student Design Competition Details

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Community News






Section Events

Apr 30
Member Hour, CBSI Series: Structure, Functions, and Future Outlook 

May 3
Louisiana Section Spring Meeting 

May 9
Member Hour, CBSI Series: Processing our Way Towards Circular Bioeconomy 

May 15
YPC Webinar: Engineering Careers in the Off-Road Equipment Industry 

May 23
Member Hour, CBSI Series: Valorizing Biomass Residues for Industrial Decarbonization

Jun 12
Florida Section Annual Meeting 

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New Branding Tools Available for Sections, Communities

BSection Brand Guideecause ASABE is a member-driven organization, the success of the Society's new brand initiative will depend heavily on the support of our members in implementing the new branding across our numerous communities, committees, business units, activities, and media. 
To make it easy for those who manage communications on behalf of their sections and communities, we've created a handy Section Brand Guide. This abridged version of the comprehensive ASABE Brand Style Guide provides everything you need to support clear, robust, and consistent messaging. 
Like the comprehensive guide, the section style guide contains core messaging and specifications for visual identity (fonts, logos, color palette, etc). Unlike the comprehensive guide, it also provides links to professionally designed templates, tools, and imagery, housed on the platform Canva, which you can use to set up a section logo, event flyers, social media posts, and more. We’ll add and update contents to keep designs fresh, and we welcome your suggestions.
Both the comprehensive style guide and the section guide can be found on the branding page of the ASABE website, along with the previously released University Chapter Brand Guide.

One additional tool that we’ve assembled for you is a shared Communications library, stored in Dropbox. You’ll find a variety of images taken at ASABE events, as well as some stock photography that can be used by ASABE staff and volunteers for ASABE materials. It, too, is a living portfolio, and if you have photos from your events and activities that you think might be of use to others, please forward to us at your convenience.
Contact Dolores Landeck for more information.

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Curious About a Career in Off-Road Vehicle Design?


Join the Young Professionals Community for an informative webinar



Students Gather for Regional Rallies

Congratulations to our student chapters for their successful spring rallies. This year's Midwest rally was hosted by the University of Illinois, while the Southeast rally took place at North Carolina State.

Earlier this year, 
UC Davis welcomed students for a student rally on the West Coast.

Midwest Rally at Illinois


Southeast Rally at NC State


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Help Us Keep in Touch

There's a lot going on in ASABE and we want to make sure we're using all the right channels to convey our news. Email? Engage? Newsletters? Social media? What works best for you?

We've put together a short questionnaire. Would you mind taking a look and giving us your honest feedback? Do so by the end of May and you could snag $50 in ASABE Bucks, to spend on merchandise, meeting registration, or more.

Take the survey.
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In Memoriam


Eugene J. Beckman

Eugene BeckmanEugene “Gene” J. Beckman, 83, of Moline, Illinois, passed away April 12, 2024.

Beckman was born on May 25, 1940, in Brookings, South Dakota, where he spent summers working for his father, owner of the Brookings John Deere implement and hardware store. A mechanical engineering degree from Northwestern University, and participation in a work-study co-op program with John Deere Harvester in East Moline, ultimately led to an engineering career with John Deere. He joined the National Guard, stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and later attended graduate school for mechanical engineering back at Northwestern University. 

A service recording and the order of service can be viewed at https://www.holycrossmoline-lcms.org/. Memories may be shared online by visiting esterdahl.com.

Beckman was a 57-year member of ASABE.

Dolores Landeck, Editor